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Fractus 75

Adventure with Confidence

Length Metric ( Feet )                                  7.50m ( 24 ft.)

Recommended HP                                       250-300hp

Maximum Engine Weight                           300kg (660lbs)

Maximum Persons                                      6

Fuel Tank                                                       300L (79gal)

Dry Hull Weight (Approx)                           1500kg (3300lbs)

Hull Thickness                                             5mm (0.19”)

External Beam                                              2.45m (8.04ft)

Draft ( Light Weight)                                    0.40m ( 15.74″)

Deadrise ( Tr.)                                                19.00’

Design  Speed (225hp) @ 6800 rpm        45 knots

Aluminum Grade                                          5083 Hull, 5052 Deck

Explore with confidence

Side Pontoons

Increased safety, buoyancy, and lateral stability in still and high waters. ​

Modular Fenders

Easy docking at tall docks and other unique situations with Magnum fenders.​


Bow shape minimizes submerged surface area when the hull pierces high waves for a smoother ride.​


Bow shape minimizes submerged surface area when the hull pierces high waves for a smoother ride.​

Stepped Hull

Increases boat speed by 20%
Reduces fuel consumption by 10%
Significantly reduces the slamming impact in a rough marine weather

Side Pontoon

Streamlined design to increases lateral stability when in still water state and driving stability while on the go.
Designed to serve as a hard chain to increase speed acceleration

Sword Forefoot

Signature Magnum shape.
The bow below the waterline has a sword-like shape which is designed to minimize the submerged surface area when the hull pierces high waves.

Double Chine

Provides stability when turning.
Minimizes inflow of spray from waves into the deck.

Exterior Finish

  • EVA Foam Sheet (6mm Thickness Marine Sheet with 3M Sticker Primer) -House Roof, Cabin Top, Cabin Bow Recess(Bow Fishing Area), Platform, Battery Locker
  • UPOL Raptor Liner (Black Color / Non-slip)
  • Vinyl Wrapping (3M Contract & Coating Film –with Water Based Latex Ink)
  • Bare Aluminum
In Stock EVA

Interior Finish

  • Eva Camo Pattern- 6mm Thickness with 3M Sticker Primer
  • UPOL(Raptor Liner) –Black Colour / Conner & Window Opening, Etc
  • SEAT CUSHION & CABIN BED – Synthetic Vinyl Leather
  • PVC Coil-Mat on Cabin Floor
    Marine Carpet On Cabin Roof Inside
Marine Carpet
PVC Coil Matt
Camo Pattern EVA

UPOL-Raptor Liner Painted On Pipe, Extrusion Profile, Checker Plate, Cabin Inside


Standard Equipment

  • Eva Foam Sheet
  • White Base Wrapping 3M Controltac
  • Front Suspension Captain Two Seats
  • Navigation Light
  • Cabin Light
  • Main Power SW
  • Switch Panel 6p
  • Bilge Pump
  • Fish Hold Tank
  • Cabin Folding Door
  • Steering  – Hydraulic
  • Diesel Heater
  • Electric Marine Toilet
  • Wiper Set 1
  • Magnum Fender System
  • Marine Carpet Roofliner
  • Cabin Roof Skylight
  • Sliding Windows
  • Lenco Trim Tabs 
  • Megaware PontoonGuard®

Optional Equipment

  • Other Eva Foam Color
  • Wrap Design & Print Color
  • Electric Marine Toilet
  • RADAR. GPS Ant. Plotter
    Outboard Engine(with Battery)
  • Cabin Folding Door -abt.1450x520mm Opening Size
  • Search Light(OSRAM LED)
  • Guide Motor Base
    Minn-Kota or Guide Motor(Battery)
    -abt.900x650mm Opening Size


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