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Our Story So Far

United Top Marine is proud to introduce a starting line of two top models of the Magnum lineup from DTEC. These boats are designed and build for voyages in coastal waters, large bays, lakes and rivers, ideal for the west coast.

Our Magnum F-65 Aluminum Boats are built by DTEC and finishing touches are added by our team to provide our customers with a boat that is fine-tuned to meet the demands of our rugged west coast with ease.

Built with unique signature Magnum sword-like shape hulls, developed for smoother rides while running through high waves and choppy water surfaces and side pontoons that stabilize the boat. These aluminum boats are an excellent choice for fishing trips and family expeditions.

Just The Beginning

Back in early 2021 I purchased my first Magnum F65 on Vancouver Island, shout out to Luke at hyper mechanical, big thanks to you man. Gotta admit, had my initial share of concerns and doubts about this boat, considering how little info was available about it. Decided to give it a chance and put it through some challenges. Always been rooting for the underdogs.

One year and 100 outboard hours later, my F65 continues to make me smile every time I take her out on the water. I enjoy the thrill of adventure and I’ve taken this boat out on winter cruises in below zero temperatures on Pitt Lake, 30km/hr wind speeds at Harrison Lake on a hunting trip, 4 day long fishing trips up the Sunshine Coast and much more. 

Ultimately, the inspiration to start United Top Marine came from the desire to share my love I have for this craft with all those who have expressed admiration and interest for this boat on the water, at boat launches, and off the street.

With the decision made and the goals set, United Top Marine has become the exclusive store for DTEC Aluminum Sports Fishing Boats here in British Columbia, Canada.

As we start this journey we know that these great boats are an underdog here on British Columbia’s West Coast. It is our goal to share the joy and thrill of these boats with those looking for a reliable ride on every adventure.

– Roman Kostyuk, Owner

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